lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

PONTIS Foundation and the swindling of American taxpayers in Cuba

The PONTIS man in Cuba, the mercenary and cheater Francisco Chaviano Gonzalez (far right) with Lowell Dale Lawton  USIS Second Political-Economic Secretary. (Photo: Aday del Sol)
By M. H. Lagarde

From 1960, when U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered that it was necessary to hide the U.S. "hands" from the attacks against Cuba, until the "Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba" , also known as the Bush Plan, which states that it must be increased: "direct efforts with governments of third countries willing to develop a strong and pro-active policy to support civil society in Cuba, including the "opposition" and develop a policy framework for assistance to "post-dictatorship" Cuba, eleven U.S.administrations have used NGOs, mainly from European countries, as a cover for the its intelligence work.
The strategy of throwing bombs and hiding the hands, used by the United States against Cuba for half a century, intends mainly, despite of covering U.S. participation, to expand covert channels through which the U.S. may promote opposition groups and so they try to give an image that the condemnation against the revolution is not only a matter of Washington but a claim of the international community.
Much of the NGOs, using American taxpayer money for subversion in the Island, are located in former socialist countries of Eastern Europe, which, in payment for their lackey roles, expect imperial support to fit into the European politico-military framework (EU and NATO).
As recently denounced in the documentary broadcasted by the Cuban television, "Reasons of Cuba: Well Paid Lies", among the NGO resided in third countries that receive money from the USAID, or from organizations masquerading the CIA - like the Freedom House and the NED - to carry out anti-Cuban actions outstand the Slovak PONTIS Foundation which develops subversive projects in countries like Belarus, and Cuba. Since its appearance after the fall of the socialist field, and in the context of the so-called Colors Revolutions, PONTIS has established close relationships with North American institutions to promote actions of "changes of régime in countries with tyrannical governments" in those countries that refuse to be subordinated to the world dictatorship led by the North American government.
In Cuba's specific case, PONTIS has collaborated with other NGO from East Europe like People in Need and People in Peril, also Slovak, as well as with the International Committee for the Democracy in Cuba, an organization created and financed by the Republican International Institute (RII) presides over John McCain.   
Both the RII and the USAID are the main contributors of PONTIS. Only between October 2008 and September 2009, the Slovak foundation received 108 million dollars dedicated to offer help to the internal counterrevolution in Cuba.   

Supposedly the money of the North American taxpayers facilitated by the RII and the USAID will help to overthrow the Cuban Revolution through supporting actions to counterrevolutionary prisoners, to facilitate the secret entrance to the Island of materials to train in Cuba the mercenaries in what they call "periods of transition", to offer them material and technical support to the domestic counterrevolution, especially the "political prisoners" and encourage support actions to the so-called "dissident" in East Europe.
According to some investigators, one of the main interests of the USAID is to use PONTIS Foundation as a promoter in Cuba of the so-called "color revolutions" and counts for that with characters of the moral class of Francisco Chaviano Gonzalez who, according to IRI's program that subventions PONTIS, is the leader of a counterrevolutionary organization called Liberal Unity of the Republic of Cuba that gathers a group of 17 organizations.

The deceit of such an assertion -those organizations only exist in the head of cheater Francisco Chaviano-, gives a clear idea about the real destination
that the IRI and the USAID make of the US taxpayer's money. As Jonathan Farrar, current Chief of Mission of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, wrote in one of the cables recently revealed by Wikileaks:

"That said, we see very little evidence that the mainline dissident organizations have much resonance among ordinary Cubans. Informal polls we have carried out among visa and refugee applicants have shown virtually no awareness of dissident personalities or agendas. Judging from the reactions we have heard from our dissident contacts, the most painful accusation made by the commentators was that the dissidents are old and out of touch. (...)
Many of the leaders of the dissident movement are indeed comparatively old. Long-time dissidents XXXXXXXXXXXX are in their 60s. Others such as Francisco Chaviano and wife Ana Aguililla, Rene Gomez Manzano and Oswaldo Paya are well into their 50s. (...) "When we ask opposition leaders about their programs, we do not see platforms designed to appeal to a broad cross section of Cuban society. Rather, their greatest effort is directed at obtaining enough resources to keep the main organizers and their key supporters living from day to day".

Not even water is as clear.