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Cuba: More than Ever USAID Continues Investing in Subversion

By: Jean-Guy Allard

There’s an imperial offensive against the progressive Latin America which is growing stronger now towards the countries members of ALBA. In Cuba, not only the annexionist investments of Washington have not diminished, but they have grown and intensified through new technologies and means. Thus is affirmed by the Venezuelan investigator Eva Golinger when analyzing how the current North American administration is still trying to destabilize the Cuban Revolution through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). With such ends, says Golinger, the USAID carries out investments in the destabilization of the Cuban Revolution using two formats, explains the specialist who has been devoted during the last decade to study and expose the North American mechanisms of interference and subversion in Latin America. "Their main financing sources come from the Economic Support Fund, a financial division of the Department of State that finances USAID projects", she asserts. This fund has contributed 65 330 000 dollars to the so-called transition towards democracy in Cuba during the last two years. For year 2010, an extra of 20 million dollars are destined. According to USAID terminology, the money already delivered during years 2008 and 2009, an amount of 10 million dollars were directed to the area of "human rights", seven millions to promote "the political competition" and almost 49 millions for the "civil society."
It’s interesting that USAID also opened an Office for Transition Initiatives (OTI) for Cuba late in 2007, with the objective of carrying out "a work with the youth" and the “independent initiatives of media", points out the investigator. "To this purpose, they have contributed an additional fund of 8 383 000 dollars since 2008. The OTIs are USAID divisions dedicated to respond to political crisis in a quick fashion, in order 'to solve them' in favor of North American interests". The OTI manages liquid funds of dollars "in larger amounts, without undergoing much revision or accounting before the North American congress". One of these OTI offices was established in Venezuela in August 2002 to promote and consolidate the forces opposing the Bolivarian Revolution. Ever since, the OTI has financed and helped to create more than 450 NGO and political groups with funds exceeding the 60 million dollars.
This money is basically used to fuel conflicts and support the White House’s concealed interests.
USAID, the agency that began as the financial arm of the Department of State in year 1962 to take care of "humanitarian" issues, has become during the 21st century one of the main actors of the "counterinsurgency" under Washington’s new doctrine of Irregular Guerra. "Early in 2009 this doctrine was signed by the recently appointed president of the United States, Barack Obama, as part of his new politics of 'smart power', a politics that uses military power together with diplomacy, culture, communication, economic power, and politics." There are two great points of difference the traditional War and the Irregular War: the objective and tactics, asserts the Venezuelan-American lawyer. "The Traditional War pursues as objective the defeat of opponent armed forces, and the main tactics is the use of military power in its most traditional form, the combat and bombing. The Irregular War has as main goal the control over the civil population and the neutralization of the State, and its main tactics is 'counterinsurgency' which is the use of indirect and asymmetric techniques, like subversion, infiltration, psychological operations, cultural penetration, and military deceit". During the 21st century, the USAID has developed divisions within the agency that work together with the Pentagon, like the offices of Conflicts Management, Transition, and Reconstruction, Democracy and Governability, and Initiatives towards a Transition which are reorienting their work towards "counterinsurgency" efforts.
"Hence, the USAID has become the actor and main investor of the destabilization and penetration in the 'civil society' in countries strategically important for North American interests". In the case of Latin America, the figures of USAID financial investment in political groups and in the "promotion of democracy" are overwhelming. THE NED AND ITS CHAIN DE MERCENARY NGO
On the other hand, NED that was founded to do the work carried out by the CIA, but with a more legitimate image, has contributed 1 435 329 dollars to promote the destabilization in Cuba this year.
Thus explains Golinger when enumerating the groups benefited by this North American fund: Afro-Cuban Alliance (ACA), 82 080 dollars; Association Encounter of Cuban Culture, 225 000 dollars; Center for a Free Cuba (Frank Calzon), 54 222 dollars; Center for the International Private Company (CIPE), 157 526 dollars; the Committee for the Free Trade Unionism (CFTU), 150 000 dollars; the Democratic Governing body of Cuba, 275 000 dollars; CubaNet News, 42 000 dollars; Universal Dissident of Puerto Rico, 40 000 dollars; International Group for the Social Corporative Responsibility in Cuba, 236 730 dollars; People in Need (PIN), 129 451 dollars; People in Peril Association (PIPE), 43 320 dollars.
The great majority of these messy collections of organizations, groups, and small groups have been related in the past to CIA activities.
In spite of the promises, change of administration or not, Washington still continues to waste yearly hundred of millions dollars of taxpayer's money in this dirty war against Latin America.
There’s an imperial offensive against Latin America going on which is intensifying in these moments against the countries members of ALBA” said Golinger.
"One of the manifestations of this aggression is the so-called counterinsurgency as tactics to penetrate and infiltrate communities and promote the destabilization", highlights the author of the Chavez Code and The Imperial Spiderweb, the repertoire of intelligence activities of Washington in the continent and the world.
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