martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Yoani Sanchez and The Huffington Post: Another One Bites the Dust

As the blogger can not longer cheat anyone in Spanish, now she tries in English

By: Ernesto Perez Castillo

After more than a week raving on the heat in Havana, the foreign TV series broadcast by the national television, the Creole cooking - rice and beans and hot dogs - and her adventures in taking rides though she prefers to say "hitchhiking". Everything that sounds English, sounds better for her -, now Yoani Sanchez has finally found a topic with certain matter, according to her way of seeing things, to comment.
Having such topic in her hands, Yoani doesn't go to her blog, not even she publishes anywhere in Spanish, no way. she goes right -well that's obvious, since she has walked on the right-side for some time now, always on the right- to her new launching platform: The Huffington Post.
The topic at hand, which is it? The black tide that every day, and no solution on sight darkens the Mexican Gulf, and is already reaching the Florida beaches? No way. Obama has spoken a lot about that, although in reality he has nothing to say on the issue.
Then it must be about the massacre the Israeli army has just committed off the coasts of Gaza, on May 31, attacking the humanitarian flotilla Free Gaza, with over a dozen dead, and a figure of wounded which must reliable data is that up to five aircrafts were needed to transfer the wounded to Turkey?
No, Yoani hasn't spoken about that either, though she falls closer to Obama on this regard who neither speaks of the topic, and Yoani could be anything, but a fool.
Is it on the Puerto Rican students who went on strike since April 23, in rejection to the increase of the cost of university registration?
No, not that, she studied for free, and she has never contributed with anything to the effort carried out by the state in her education, and she has not even the smallest clue on what a real strike is.
These are the topics she was supposed to approach, if she wanted to be coherent with her demagogic facade of human rights defender, and nature-lover -let's not forget that not long ago she commented in an interview how much peace she received from the little fish she keeps in captivity in her apartment, unluckily for Greenpeace.
The topic, the great topic today, for Yoani Sanchez, is the sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan, in the West Sea. And where does the blogger comment the matter this time? Well she publishes it in English (Cuban Leaders Strangely Silent on North Korea's Sinking of the Cheonan) under the label of "Exclusive to Huffington Post."
Since the very title, Yoani begins to lie, because though her headline, poorly translated by Google, reads "Cuban leaders strangely silent on North Korea's sinking of the Cheonan" - I use Google translation because I don't have those "friends" who translate for Yoani for "free", as she affirms -, the truth is that the Cuban press has covered the event, and even Fidel commented it in his reflection "The Empire and the War", of June 1, four days earlier Yoani affirmed in The Huffington Post that our press remains silent on this respect.
Not happy with defending the indefensible, Yoani dares even further, and in her article she assures: "In a small note in the official newspaper, Granma, let's its readers know that the ship of South Korea, the Cheonan, sank by a torpedo impact "supposedly" of origin of North Korea. In brief lines there are not mention of the 46 crew members who died."
And that is another lie, another vulgar manipulation, to which Yoani has us accustomed, because the truth is that can be read, for example: "PYONGYANG, May 20.-The Government of the Democratic Popular Republic of Korea denied all responsibility in the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan, that took place on March, and caused the death of 46 crew members, highlights ANSA."
And also at can be read "BEIJING, March 27 (PL).-The number of missing persons raise to 46 for the sinking of a South Korean warship in the West Sea still attributed to an explosion in stern yet unexplained, while 58 members were rescued."
As it can be seen, and I will only quote these two examples, although there are more, Yoani lies blatantly and treacherously when assuring that Granma doesn't mention the 46 dead caused by the incident. In fact, the headline of the second note was, precisely that: "Adding up to 46 persons missing in shipwreck of South Korean warship."
Unbelievably, although both news were published long before Yoani's article (both in May21 and May 28, respectively), in date as late as June 5 in which she publishes her nonsense, this blogger remains unaware of it because she wants to be that way. Granma has reported the number of casualties, and more than once, even highlighting it with headlines.
For worse, two days before the appearance of Yoani Sanchez "in exclusive for The Huffington Post", commander Fidel in the second reflection in which he mentions the sinking of the Cheonan, "The Empire and the Lie", he alerted on "The weird deceive that North Korea had sunk the South Korean corvette Cheonan -designed with top technology, equipped with an ample sonar system and acoustic submarine sensors -, in waters located off the coasts, he accused it of the atrocious event that took the life of 40 South Korean marines and dozens of wounded."
That is, how to explain Yoani's statement now that Cuban leaders remained strangely silent on the sinking of the Cheonan, or the accusation thrown by Granma newspaper that didn't inform of the death of South Korean marines in the incident? What else does Yoani Sanchez want on the topic? Several articles were published on this regard, Fidel mentions it in two of his reflections, and the figure of deceased marines appears all the time.
The problem is that Yoani writes what she wants, and not what it really is. Yoani depicts the reality her masters dictate her, and for that, she necessarily has to lie, to hide the truth, and manipulate the facts. In The Huffington Post must keep this in mind before blindly rushing to publish anything Yoani gives them, because the blogger's data never go through a minimum consultation of sources neither a superficial approval.
Besides this, she fulfills her part of the script, and apparently she never makes a mistake: between two events that happen at sea, and that coincidently speak of the attack to a boat, with casualties - the sinking not yet clarified of the Cheonan, and the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla Free Gaza-, Yoani Sanchez, without hesitating decides to comment the first one, because the massacre in the second case was committed by allies of the North American government, who in the end pays Yoani's bills, and the Blogger knows she can't play around with them.

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