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The PADF against Cuba: Another Link of the Swindle to North American Taxpayers

By: M. H. Lagarde

According with a series of accusations that for several weeks broadcast Cuban television under the title Cuba’s Reasons, besides the Pontis Foundation, other organizations, and NGOs working as covers for the CIA afford to waste the money of North American taxpayers in the fruitless attempt of driving a change in the Island in favor of the interests of Washington’s government.
One of those “institutions” is the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF), an organization where the CIA, the North American government, and large capitals hold hands when financing the counterrevolution in Cuba, especially through the USAID.
Several investigators assure that the PADF PADF, "created in the United States back in 1962 through a unique cooperation agreement between the Organization of American States (OAS) and the private sector", receives funds from an extensive list of institutions, organizations, and monopolizing companies among which appear the USAID, the World Bank, Chevron Corporation, Citigroup, The Hampshire Foundation, and Phillip Morris International.
According to the website Cuba Money Project the PADF has been benefited more than once by the funds the USAID dedicates to finance the so-called Cuban dissidence.
In year 2007, of a total of 13.3 million dollars distributed by the USAID, the PADF signed a contract for 2.3 million dollars to support the domestic counterrevolution in Cuba; and in the 2009, from an assigned budget of 15 620 000 million dollars, the PADF received 3 million dollars through the signing of two contracts for similar destabilizing purposes in Cuba. One of them, of 2 million dollars and the other of a million dollars.


In the case of Cuba, the organization that in 2009 also participated in the legitimizing of the “elections” of the golpists government imposed by the United States in Honduras, has acted through agents like the Peruvian-North American Marc Wachtenheim.
The former director of the Initiative of Development for Cuba of this foundation, Marc Wachtenheim has had an ample participation in carrying out actions against the Cuban revolution and in several occasions has visited Cuba with the objective of facilitating and assuring the delivery of material and financial support to members of the domestic counterrevolution, as well as to obtain information on different aspects of the Cuban reality.
Violating the very North American laws established by the criminal blockade that for half century the United States imposes to the Island, Wachtenheim visited Cuba five times between 2002 and 2009, and in four of those opportunities he used a tourist visa.
In June 2002, the former PADF employee justified his arrival to Cuba coming from Jamaica as individual tourism. Something similar he did in February 2004 and five years later, in February 2009 and November of that same year, always coming from Mexico.
Among the main goals of this character were facilitating the Cuban counterrevolution state-of-the-art technology like blackberries, laptops, Bgan, and other technological devices, dedicated to be used in subversive actions against the Cuban Revolution.
According with the accusation made by the Cuban writer Raul Capote, recruited by the CIA but, in reality a double agent of the Cuban State Security, in the chapter of Cuba’s Reasons “Creating a Leader”, the equipment introduced in Cuba by Marc Wachtenhein’s emissaries was aimed at carrying out espionage tasks in favor of the U.S. government.


After resigning, due to financial problems, his position at the PADF, Marc Wachtenheim, currently presiding over the Center for Advancement of Freedom and Democracy, organization created by him and that supposedly holds similar objectives to those of PADF: “to promote freedom and democracy in Latin America”, which, as everybody knows, equals to oppose every last existing movement in the region that doesn't respond to the North American interests, as it’s the case of the progressive governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cuba.
The methods used by the former PADF employee, in his supposed crusade in favor of “freedom and democracy”, leaves no doubts of his relationship with intelligence services like the CIA. Likewise, almost no one doubts anymore that foundations like Pontis from the Czech Republic, the PADF or the very Center for Advancement of Freedom and Democracy wastes at full hands, in the futile attempt of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution, the money of North American taxpayers.
As recently affirmed by the influential chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, John Kerry, on the last 20 million dollars budgeted by the USAID to promote the democracy in Cuba: “There is no evidence that the 'programs of promotion of the democracy' that cost American taxpayers so far more than 150 million dollars, help the Cuban people".

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