jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

We All are our Commander in Chief

By: M. H. Lagarde

The best repercussion in Fidel's recent appearances in public can be found in the Cuban counterrevolutionary blogs. Hatred, sometimes, for his straight honesty is far more eloquent than the praise or acclamation.
Some, who had predicted like Internet prophets the last and penultimate days, now are pulling their hair, dusting and rewriting the editorials kept for the last day, to somehow justify the ridicule of their predictions.
The issue, and thus has been demonstrated the recent activity deployed by Fidel, doesn't look as actions of penultimate days, but rather, of penultimate years. What’s left to find out is how many. Prophecies don’t seem to work on Fidel Castro. The title of a book written 20 years ago will make people burst into laughter; the title announced Fidel Castro's Final Hour.
Those who since 2006 until today have bet, from Europe or the United States, for the biological solution as relief of their frustrations are wrong. Solutions don't fall from the sky they are built with reason, courage, and effort.
The coward Platt followers who have spent 50 years waiting and encouraging the North American invasion to Cuba, are the same who today await that Fidel's death be the stone throw that finally brings down, once again, into the hands of the empire, the ripe fruit.
One of their big problems is actually that they have never believed in Fidel who more than once has insisted in that men are mortal; however, their ideas can be immortal.
The real problem is not how many years until Fidel dies, which for it has been seen these last days, it seems that he is immortal. The "solution" lies in knowing when his legacy will die and then the problem won't be of years, neither decades, it will be of centuries.

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