viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Cuban Blogger brutally repressed in Miami

Although we could not have even clear references to what really happened, the images above, hanged by Miami police in an official site of Miami Dade, illustrate very well the consequences of exercising freedom of speech in Miami.
During a recent trip to Cuba Varela, who edits a blog in Miami where he defends the Cuban Revolution, reported in "Cambios en Cuba" he was receiving threats from right-wing elements of that city.
The Miami mafia blogosphere is already gloating with the images and celebrates the brutal beating of a man who has done nothing but say what he feels and thinks in a city and a country where dissent is really a crime punishable by aberrations such as this. We wonder now what the Miami headlines and other countries’ would say before this abominable action, knowing in advance the answer "silence and manipulation."
On that occasion, in a videotaped interview, Varela made it clear that the mafia was manipulating his family to use as a weapon of pressure against him and that he had received emails which warned him that if he returned to Miami, he would be imprisoned.
Apparently, according to these pictures, worthy of an anthology of porn and violence that show how human rights are respected in the U.S., his enemies have succeeded to silence, at least for a while, the blogger Varela.
We will be aware of Varela’s situation and continue to denounce the torture and threats that he is subjected.

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