viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Benicio del Toro Received Tomas Gutierrez Allea Award

Actors Benicio Del Toro, left, James Caan, center, and Robert Duval sit at the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Havana

The Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro received in Cuba the International Cinema Award Tomas Gutierrez Allea granted by the Cuban Association of Writers and Artists (UNEAC).
The recognition, consistent in the a piece of painter Agustin Bejarano, was given to him by Miguel Barnet, UNEAC president, during a ceremony held in Martinez Villena room, of that institution.
Del Toro was also accompanied by outstanding North American actors like Robert Duvall, James Caan, and Bill Murria besides the producer Steve Bing.
Benicio declared that this award would be shared with the Cuban artists, because all of them are in the same ship and he feels proud and small when receiving it, since Gutierrez Allea is a personality that influenced him greatly since he watched his film The Death of a Bureaucrat.

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