jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

The FBI does not know Posada Carriles?

By M. H. Lagarde

A cable from the AP says that "anti-terrorism officials are alarmed by an outbreak of extremist Americans who travel abroad to receive training and then return to the country, where they often recruit people for their cause.
"According to this source, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are very concerned about the danger posed by Americans who travel abroad in disguise to learn terrorist techniques and then return to the country, where they begin recruit for future attacks.
"The concern of the American security services were unleashed Monday when the FBI arrested Daniel Patrick Boyd, age 39, and accused him of leading a group of people that were planning attacks. "The case highlights our concern about individuals returning to the United States after receiving training and advocacy in combating terrorists abroad ''said Justice Department spokesman Richard Kolko.
"It is a pity that such "concerns" and "alarms"are only generated by terrorists who were trained outside their territory and not those who were trained by previous administrations on their own territory. One of the latter is the case of the notorious terrorist Cuban-born Posada Carriles, who has many years of total freedom in Miami thanks to the accessories subterfuge of American justice.
Or the FBI does not know Posada Carriles and obviously the torture training practices received at the School of Americas or the use of explosives acquired during his service in CIA which does not represent any danger to national security of United States.

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