martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Juanes won the battle with a dove

Marta Rojas • La Habana
Google translation. Revised by Walter Lippmann.

Sunday September 20, 2009 is recorded in our memory where we had the privilege of enjoying Juanes' Paz Sin Fronteras concert, in the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana, or any part of the island and the world where it was shown on television.
We have experienced a cultural and humanistic event par excellence, truly momentous and unprecedented, given their proportions in terms of attendance of well over a million people, almost all in their twenties, and international and local.
That the Colombian Juanes, intimately enjoying the birth of Dante, his first son, as stated in the Cuban capital, has set an example of solidarity and love is unquestionable. Thus, it earned a spot in the history of Latin American artistic culture to have proposed and brought about a concert for peace. It was called on short notice and drew other artists of outstanding quality and reputation,. Among these were his friend Bosé, Olga Tañón, who exuded joy and transmitted in bulk and without losing the infectious Creole rhythm more than once, shouted excitedly the brotherhood of his country and Cuba with the words of poet Lola Rodriguez de Tio, who José Martí made famous: "Cuba and Puerto Rico are two wings if a bird."
Tañón entered the concert in triumph and the level never dropped for over five uninterrupted hours.
That day a universal battle was won with a single dove, that of Peace, who flew around the world from the hands of Juanes and his friends in Latin America, Spain and Italy, in brotherhood with the Cubans.
There were many surprises, among them the Cucú Diamante "parragueña Cuban" -- as they call her -- was done with the group call-Yerbabuena, and the Yoruba drums of Andabo.
The experts will tell you otherwise but this afternoon also showed that Latinos snatched the scepter of classic rock in the world.
Only natural water bottles, candy or other treats were enough to keep the Revolution Square, full of joy and rhythmic movement, more than a million of our youth.
Outcome: The expected with Formell and his Van Van, which was joined by other artists in the foreground Juanes, Olga, Danny Rivera, Bose and others. Tears of joy and emotional love for Cuba and for peace. Formell understand was a telling phrase "who was hurt was hurt and the Juanes concert for peace, Cuba earned it."
This is a golden chapter of men and women of goodwill in the world. Thank you, Colombian Juanes.

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