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Olga Tañón: Cuba is a country with lots of dignity
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Edited by Walter Lippmann.

CAROLINA, Puerto Rico (AP) Olga Tañón admitted Friday the artists who participated in the Peace Without Boundaries concert in Cuba felt a lot of pressure before starting the show, but described the final result as wonderful.''
The singer arrived on Friday in her native Puerto Rico, where she was received by Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock, who supported their participation in the controversial show on Sunday.
"I think people misunderstood the production, thought that we had required white shirts but no, we let in anyone without a white shirt,'' said the song stylist at a press conference upon arrival at the airport.
That, plus the perception that Juanes was under surveillance and other trifles, made me think that there was excessive pressure. To me, that was a micro, which happened at the concert was the macro,'' he said.
Added to the criticism that I'm not going to put a fight with anybody,'' and said that everyone knows I'm not a Communist. If so would call me to laugh.''
' What I say is what I found in Cuba was not what I was told. It is true that Cubans lack many things, but nobody is crying. It is a people with dignity,'' the Puerto Rican said, adding that she would accept another invitation to sing there. Tañón return to her homeland to suffer the effects of laryngitis prevented her from saying much, the point was to interrupt the press conference several minutes by a bout of coughing. For the artist, the purpose of bringing peace to Cuba was totally fulfilled. We cried, we worked.
But when we saw the result we realized that we were right. I have not stopped to mourn because the result was wonderful. Cuba gave its all and showed she is ready for the world,'' she said.
On Thursday, we learned that hours before the historic concert in Havana Juanes threatened to cancel the event, supposedly infuriated by the constant surveillance by Cuban officials and rumors that the police were blocking the passage of the concert audience. In a video captured by reporters at the National Hotel in Havana on Sunday morning, Juanes states: It was very annoying, very annoying ...
We're here for young people of Cuba, Cuba's future ... We found a barrier very strong and we will not allow ... We have come with all the love, with all respect. This can not continue. It's over.'' However, on Friday Cuba's official Granma newspaper said that the images were shown out of context and Juanes's manager , Fernan Martinez, in Miami, confirmed the version in the newspaper

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